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  • 1Create a message on Chestnote
  • 2Choose when your message unlocks
  • 3Choose where your message unlocks
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Capture today, message the future, relive tomorrow

  • you choose when...

    Chestnote is a contextual messaging service. You choose when your message will be delivered: in a few moments, tomorrow, in a month, or even 25 years from now.

  • ...and/or where...

    Chestnote lets you leave messages at specific locations. Your friends are guided to your place of choice to open the message, where it will have maximal impact.

  • ...your message is unlocked!

    Your friends instantly know how your message can be unlocked. Like a wrapped present, looking forward to opening your message will add a little bit of magic.

  • Send reminders to your future self to keep those new year’s resolutions.

  • Capture beautiful moments and relive them at the same location.

  • Organize (bachelor) parties and outdoor games with new assignments awaiting at each secret location.

  • Send a message to that special someone - to be opened on Valentine’s day at the place where you met.

  • Leave video messages for your grandchildren and show them what life in today’s world is like.

  • Share important wisdom and memories with your children when they reach a certain age.

Chestnote adds emotion and imagination to your mobile messages.

a treasure chest full of memories


  • Create a personal diary composed of notes, videos and sounds to revisit at any time in your life.
  • Create a Chest with messages tied to your favorite spots in the city and share it with friends.
  • Present a Chest containing wishes from friends and family as a wedding day gift, to be unlocked at the honeymoon destination.
  • Collect messages for your children or grandchildren in a single chest, to be unlocked at key moments in their lives.

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